"CH2V has been a game changer for our PTA and school. It has bridged the communication gap from the school and PTA. We have replaced our volunteer coordinator with the website, and now everyone has access to volunteer. It has also made our fundraising efforts 200% more effective and efficient. We don’t have to count as much cash, and that is a huge time saver! The website also allows us to pre-screen approved volunteers, have a private directory, and so much more! Thank you so much for helping us be so successful!"


"Using CH2V’s templates, I was able to put together a robust and customized website for my group in just 2 days for free! We were able to expand our presence online, get parents the information they needed, and enhance our communications using the e-mail system."
- Shaina B, Chandler Elementary PTA


"I have had a role in setting up and maintaining 4 CH2V websites for our Local PTSAs and our PTSA Council. It was and continues to be the ideal solution for an online payment option, with low fees and easy to learn page creation. We immediately got a bump in membership when we set up the site. CH2V knows what a nonprofit needs and have developed a site that meets those needs. They are super helpful and we have now been using them for years with great results."
- Theresa T, Riverview PTSA Council


"Sign-ups couldn't be any easier! One stop! No need to have multiple sign-up genius links. One store, one sign-up location, easy setup, options for customization."
- Lauren W, N Chatham Elementary PTA


"I am now at my 3rd school for which I have created a CH2V website. It is hard to imagine this site and all of its features are free! Creating involvement is all about communication and providing information. CH2V has made a tremendous difference at all 3 of my schools. I am very excited about the continued enhancements to the platform. Thank you!"
- Christine S, Gray's Creek MS PTA


"I have built and managed 3 different sites over the last 7 years using CH2V.com's platform. The tools we have access to in one free, integrated, central location have made it so much easier to reach our parents/community, and for our parents/community to help us in meaningful ways. I have confidence that this company is here to stay (and all my work won't be lost) because they have been around for such a long time, and they continue to make improvements that make a real difference in the quality of the site and it's ease of use. We thank Ed Downs and CH2V for using their skill set and deep understanding of a volunteer organization's needs to create this amazing (AND FREE) tool that makes life so much easier for our volunteers and families!"
- Fiona K, Pollard PTSA


"We love CH2V. It's easy to use, even for non-technical people. We really appreciate you offering this service free of charge."
- Jennifer P, Bonnie Ellison Elementary School PTA


"I have used CH2V for several different schools over the last 6 years. It has been easy to set up and each improvement makes it better. By integrating the membership sign up and E-commerce section is going to save us time and expenses. Providing the information to the members and families is one of the most important features of the website. Calendar for events, links for communication with elected officials, separate tabs for students, parents and classes if needed. The volunteer module made it so easy to use by combining the creating an event, a sign up area for approved volunteers, email reminders, tracking volunteer hours and a thank you email in one stop shopping."
- Gus W, Sandalwood Senior High School PTSA


"It is user friendly, easy to set up, with plenty of template options to choose from."
- Marione G, Western HS PTSA


"It has most everything your PTA will need to establish a web-presence. It's fairly easy to use once you've gone through the training videos. It's free, which is always good for a volunteer organization. We're happy we made the switch."
- James H, Nance PTA


"Our PTA has used this platform for several years now and have found it to be a user-friendly, cost-effective way to communicate with our members."
- Dionne J, Shrevewood Elementary PTA


"I have enjoyed getting to know how to “develop a website”, how to work with HTML. I like working with the website and I’m just glad you are still around. I truly appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us to ask our opinions and to find out how you can better serve us."

- Jill S, Cedar Ridge High School

"Thanks for everything! You really made all my years as Webmaster and Volunteer Coordinator so much more efficient and I would never have been able to reach so many people at the elementary school and middle school and beyond without CH2V!"
- Dara C


"This site is awesome and very user friendly to set-up. We are thankful for it as a way to communicate with our school population."
- Michael E, MVES PTO


"Love the ability to customize the site specifically to our organization and make changes without having a lot of html knowledge, the sponsor module is great (we don't use it as much for middle school but I was the website admin for Marshall PTO who had over 100 sponsors and it was wonderful for it to organize sponsors by level without having to figure it out manually). Email tools are great - ability to send to different groups, draft emails to send later and add pictures and change text and fonts. There are so many other things that I am sure I am forgetting - and when I can't figure it out, there are several ways to find help through the webinars, help documents and the email support is fast and always answers my questions. It just makes managing the information about members and getting the information to our parents easy!

- Kaytie C, Benton Middle School PTO

"I love your mission of providing a free site to help volunteer organizations. Raising money is tough, and we spend every dollar wisely. This is wonderful, and we get a lot of benefit from our website, store, and emails!!"
- Shannon G, Findley Oaks Elementary PTA


"We love the site! It has taken our fundraising to a whole new level! It has also bridged the gap between the school and the pta. It’s allowed us to streamline our volunteer process and save money on paper directories. It has been wonderful. David and Ed have been so helpful with answering my endless questions. Also, the directory feature is awesome. In fact, we have a neighborhood Halloween in our park that has attendance of about 2000, and last year a 1st grader was lost and sobbing. We were able to call his parents right away because once some of our kids recognized him, I was able to pull up his Dad's number from our PTA directory. As soon as he knew his kiddo was safe, the Dad said, "How did you have his number?'' To which we replied, "thank you for being a PTA member and having your number in our online directory." No one carries paper directories around anymore, it truly saved the day!"
- Kim G, Timberwood Park Elementary PTA 


"I appreciate the service to non-profits and the low fees. The invoices and summary are helpful I like that many PTAs use this in the area, so volunteers can transition from one PTA to another and still know how to use the site."
- Shawn D, RRISD Council of PTAs

"As a public charter school in CA, we need to save everywhere we can. With this free site we can reach more volunteers & reduce event costs & increase profitability. Thank you!"
- Jen A, California Montessori Project