(watch this 4-minute video to see how it works)

Get the Word Out That You Are

Open for Business


With a single donation you can:

  • Easily reach thousands of families near your business quickly & effectively.
  • Automatically be featured in email blasts to those same families for 12 months.
  • Be featured on their organization's website for a full year.

It's the most effective form of advertising you can buy because the goodwill is already built-in: the communities you are advertising to receive the $$ you are spending. Therefore, they are much more likely to respond to your offer!

At the end of the day, your advertising dollars aren't just benefiting your business; they also benefit the community you serve.

The Best Way to Reach

YOUR Target Market

Because your message is wrapped in an introduction that shows you are supporting their organization, community members are MUCH more likely to open, read and respond to your message – especially since the email is from their organization. This makes CH2V the most effective way to get your message out to consumers near your business.