It's Easy
When you create your website, you get a Sample site that is ready to be edited. The most commonly used modules are already loaded for you to help you get started. You can delete or relocate any of the pre-loaded content to create your own unique website.
Just edit the site, add your own content, and begin communicating with your member population. We provide video tutorials in our Support section to help you get started.


It's Effective

Communicate effectively with your member population by using content modules that are designed to support your fundraising efforts:
  • News Posts with optional Links to uploaded PDF files.
  • Calendar Entries, with Links to Content on the site
  • Volunteer Schedules, with user-defined Notes, Automatic Email Reminders, and one-click access.
  • Email Communication, with HTML & Text support, automatic bounce control, automatic opt-outs.
  • Directories with hidden email addresses to protect members' email addresses.
  • Customizable Navigation on the sidebars.
  • Photo Galleries in several different styles.
  • Database Updates with EASY uploading of new members from spreadsheets.
  • Custom Forms for data collection. Collected data can be exported or added to the user database.
  • Standard HTML Content, with many features, including the ability to embed You-Tube Videos.
  • and more...

We Help You Raise Money

Our integrated Online Store enables volunteer groups to create a store quickly and easily. We don't charge any setup or monthly fees, and our transaction fees are lower than any other service. 
Your online store is integrated into your website - visitors never go somewhere else to make purchases. We are happy to provide references from volunteer organizations currently using our Online Store.

Save money too!

Why use email services like Constant Contact (R), Online Stores like Shopify (R), and websites that charge a monthly or annual fee? Our integrated email system, online store, and full web hosting is free for all volunteer organizations to use.

How can all this be free, you ask?
Our revenue model is based on helping volunteer groups succeed. We believe that by helping volunteer organizations as our FIRST priority, we will grow loyalty and be able to provide additional products and services later that will further benefit our users. It's really that simple.