Volunteer Coordinators talk about the difference My-PTA has made in their school volunteer organizations.

“What can I say?  My volunteer schedules keep filling up.  We have teacher appreciation lunches, where parents can simply and easily sign up to bring cookies or whatever.  I can also easily document my volunteer hours.   It’s extremely easy to use.  I’m no computer whiz!  We’ve had great tutorials, and the site administrator responds to my questions immediately.  I love it!”  - Kristie G.

“Before the web site, we had no volunteers.  We were spending about 4 hours on cold calls to try to get volunteers and only got about 5 people.  Because of the web site, we were able to set up a schedule and get about 15 by the next day.  We had to set up everything from scratch on the web site, but it was SO EASY.  We set up the calendar and everything else and had volunteers within just a few days.” – Kristie O.

“The web site is phenomenal – it’s a one-stop shop for everything at the school.  The eCommerce part  is fantastic!  We sell t-shirts and other things, and it saves everyone time.  Parents can easily select the time they want to volunteer. The web site is fun to work with!” – Amy R.