The videos on this page are in a "webinar" style, covering all aspects of site management. Each video has sub-sections, so you can watch the individual part you are interested in, rather than the entire video.
Note:  Some of these tutorials refer to the site as "". Our web site has since been changed to ""  
You can access all of our Tutorials in one place on our YouTube Channel

Getting Started
Editing Your Site
Adding Navigation
Security Levels
About Contributed Content
Establishing User Groups
Managing Users & the Database

Contributed Content
General News
Volunteer Schedules
Sending Email
Photo Gallery

General Content 
HTML Content
Custom Forms
Volunteer Hours
Group Content ("Room Reps")
Overview of Group Content
Setup (for Webmasters)
The GroupMaster Role
Add Users
Add HTML Content
Add Calendar
Add News Content
Add Volunteer Events
Send Email
Contributed Content
For More Information
CH2V eCommerce, including eStores and fundraiser modules are now provided by MemberHub.  Click here to learn how to connect your CH2V site to MemberHub.
The Sponsor Module *
Setting Up the Site
Adding Sponsors
Managing Donations
* Note:  All Sponsor Donations are now made by check through CH2V store process.  Use MemberHub eCommerce for Credit Card transactions.