What kind of organization do you have?
  • PTA *
  • PTO
  • PTSA
  • PTSO
  • Other Volunteer Organization 
Our sites adapt to your organization type.  When you set up your site, use Site Preferences to establish the kind of organization you have.  From that point on, references to your site can use a base URL that matches your organization type (like my-pto.org, my-ptsa.org, ch2v.com, etc.).
For example:
PTO:   http://she.my-pto.org  
PTSA:   http://vrhs.my-ptsa.org
Volunteer Site:  http://troop190.ch2v.com  

Keeping it Free.
Keeping costs as low as possible is one way we volunteer organizations succeed. If you use our base URLs there is no need to purchase your own URL from NetworkSolutions.com or another company.  However, if you have already purchased your own URL, you can easily "point" it to your CH2V site. **
For example:
PTA Site with a purchased URL:  http://www.cbhscheerbooster.com
See the Support page for instructions on how to link your privately-purchased URL to your CH2V.com site.  

* NOTICE:  While CH2V.com supports National PTA , CH2V.com is not affiliated with National PTA or any other organization.   Any site that selects "PTA" as their organization type must be an actual PTA that is registered with National PTA.