It's Easy!

If you are a volunteer group leader, troop leader, school organization board member (PTA, PTO, or PTSO), school staff member or even just a concerned parent, you can create a free website for your school or organization right now.
Just click the link below, select your organization type, and your custom site is just seconds away. If you are creating a site for a school volunteer group other than a PTA or PTO, select Other School (rather than Public or Private) and enter your organization name. 
After you create your site, go to our Support Page to learn how to add users, alter content and more. You are just a few steps away fom being able to communicate with parents or volunteers, schedule events and so much more!
Your site will be in DEMO MODE, where you can do everything on the site except send email. Once you have your site set up, click Activate under the MAIN menu to request your site be activated. We will verify eligibility then activate the email marketing feature for you.
No credit card is required because CH2V websites really are free for volunteer organizations to use. Just register and create your site now.